Broken Trust

what am I today
all because of him
he done so much to me
I am really want to thanks him
I trusted him
but now, I know he is not trustworthy anymore
he has broken me into pieces
I am collecting those pieces to settle all problems
but some pieces are still missing
that piece is my trust , my heart
I am searching for that
don’t know when this search will end
I don’t want to sulk anymore
no no no don’t want to cry anymore
I have learnt a lot
don’t blind trust anyone that’s the only truth


Varshu said...

Really Emotive!! Great job :)

Expression said...


Vikram Karve said...

Very moving yet very true. Your words moved my heart. Yes, a relationship is all about trust.

Expression said...

Thanks Vikram

Someone is Special said...

Loved it.. Expressions.. Smiles, hope you like this, to have loved and lost

Someone is Special

The twenties girl said...

truly said...

Promising Poets Parking Lot said...

agree, well expressed message.

Promising Poets Parking Lot said...

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BlogJunta said...

Bitter truth, may not be true always :)
but very emotive

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