No more cry

Don’t forgive , I’ll no not forgive
the sin you committed
you have to pay for the pain
you have to realize the mistake
I will not cry anymore
I want to  get out of this trauma
I also want to smile
I want to spend peaceful night
 No more cry for me
No more hide and seek
No more cry


Priya said...

Sad but truth.

Pratibha The Talent said...

I know how it feel when you are hurt.But my best wishes are with you and I know time will change and will make you happier person .believe my words and believe in god ,he is there just need a heartfelt call.gos bless you.

g said...

thanks for ur comments and blessings:)

Zave said...

Trust me, you need to forgive.
I have no idea what it is, but I've seen it, the tears don't dry up forever while the mind is filled with rage!
Nice write by the way.

g said...

you are right
thanks zave

BlogJunta said...

well one should learn to forgive and forget, the only way to let go of pain.
But yes, if you are hurt so bad, you wouldnt feel like forgiving

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